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2 British Isles 4 Approaches to Weipa 5 ` Abd Al Kuri to Suqutra ( Socotra) 6 Gulf of Aden 7 Aden Harbour and Approaches 9 La Skhirra-Gabes and Ghannouch with Approaches 10 Nippon, Tsugaru Kaikyo 11 Jazireh-ye Khark and Approaches 11 Nippon, Hokkaido 12 El ` Aqaba to Duba and Ports on the Coast of Saudi Arabia 13 Approaches to Cebu Harbour 14 Cebu-East Coast, Cebu Harbour 14 Groote Eylandt Approaches to Milner Bay 15 Approaches to Jizan 16 Jizan 17 Plans of the Santa Cruz and Adjacent Islands 18 Falmouth Inner Harbour including Penryn 19 Porto de Santos 20 Ile d' Ouessant to Pointe de la Coubre 20 Clarence Strait 24 Darwin and Wickham Point 26 Harbours on the South Coast of Devon 26 Approaches to Port Darwin 27 Bushehr 27 Northern Territory, Middle Arm including Channel Island 28 Salcombe Harbour 28 Northern Territory, East Arm 30 Plymouth Sound and Approaches 31 Harbours on the South Coast of Cornwall 32 Falmouth Harbour 32 Cambridge Gulf 33 Gwadar Deep Water Port 34 Isles of Scilly 35 Scapa Flow and Approaches 36 Marsaxlokk 37 Haikou Wan and approaches 38 Karachi to Ra' s al Hadd 39 Gulf of Kachchh to Sonmiani Bay 40 Karachi Harbour 41 Ports in Southern China 41 North Cape 42 Gulf of California Guaymas and Mazatlan 42 Cape Reinga to Manukau Harbour 43 Manukau Harbour to Cape Egmont 44 Nose of Howth to Ballyquintin Point 45 Gibraltar Harbour 45 Cape Egmont to Rangitikei River 46 Puget Sound Point Partridge to Point No Point 46 Cook Strait 47 Puget Sound Point No Point to Alki Point 48 Puget Sound - Alki Point to Point Defiance 50 Seattle Harbor 51 Tauroa Point to Cape Brett 51 Puget SoundPoint Defiance to Olympia 52 Cape Brett to Cuvier Island 52 Entrance Channel to Port Hedland 53 Ports on the East Coast of Sweden - Pitea and Lulea 53 Approaches to Port Hedland 53 Nippon, Honshu- East Coast Miyako to Shiriya Saki 53 Bream Head to Slipper Island including Hauraki Gulf 54 Port Hedland 54 Ishinomaki Wan to Miyako Ko 54 Cuvier Island to East Cape 55 Approaches to Port Walcott 55 Cape Runaway to Table Cape 55 Laguna de Chiriqui 56 Port Walcott 56 Table Cape to Blackhead Point 56 Bahia Almirante 57 Ports on the East Coast of Sweden 57 Blackhead Point to Castle Point 58 Pakistan, Approaches to Karachi 58 Port of Dampier 58 Castle Point to Cape Palliser 59 Port Muhammad Bin Qasim and Approaches 59 Plans in Port Dampier 60 Alderney and the Casquets 61 Karamea River to Stephens Island 62 Approaches to Varanus Island 62 Cape Palliser to Kaikoura Peninsula 63 Kaikoura Peninsula to Banks Peninsula 64 Approaches to Rabigh 64 Approaches to Onslow 64 Banks Peninsula to Otago Peninsula 65 Approaches to Kochi ( Cochin) 66 Tumpat to Laem Chong Phra 66 Keihin Ko Yokohama 66 Katiki Point to Nugget Point 67 Laem Chong Phra to Chrouy Samit 67 Keihin Ko Kawasaki 68 Nugget Point to Centre Island 69 Palk BayWestern Part 70 Ports on the East Coast of Sweden 70 South Coast, Omae Saki to Ise Wan 71 Sundsvallsbukten and Approaches 71 Greymouth to Kahurangi Point 72 Harnosand and Svanon - Sando with Approaches 72 Cape Foulwind to Heretaniwha Point 73 Puerto de Huelva and Approaches 73 Abut Head to Milford Sound 76 Western Approaches to Foveaux Strait 77 Seto Naikai, Kii Suido and Approaches 80 Rosario Strait 80 South Coast, Nojima Saki to Omae Saki 81 Sawakin to Ras Qassar 81 Approaches to Geraldton 82 Outer Approaches to Port Sudan 82 Tonga 83 Ports on the South Coasts of Portugal 84 Approaches to Chittagong 85 ARio Guadalquivir 86 Bahia de Cadiz 86 Samoa Islands 87 Cabo Finisterre to the Strait of Gibraltar 87 South and East Coasts, Tokyo Wan to Inubo Saki 88 Cadiz 89 Cabo de Sao Vicente to Faro 89 Nippon, Honshu-South Coast, Suruga Wan, Shimizu Ko 90 Tokyo Wan 91 Cabo de Sao Vicente to the Strait of Gibraltar 91 Yokosuka Ko Uraga and Kurihama 93 Cabo de Santa Maria to Cabo Trafalgar 93 South Coast, Daio Saki to Shio-no-Misaki 94 Paracel Islands and Macclesfield Bank 94 South Coast, Ise Wan, Yokkaichi Ko 95 Northern Part of Ise Wan 99 Entrances to Rivers in Guyana and Suriname 100 Raas Caseyr to Suqutra 101 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Kobe Ko 101 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Western Part of Kobe Ko 102 Plans in the Central Pacific 104 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Kurushima Kaikyo and Approaches 105 Cromer Knoll and the Outer Banks 106 Cromer to Smiths Knoll 106 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Osaka Wan and Harima Nada 107 Approaches to the River Humber 108 Approaches to The Wash 108 South Coast, Muroto Saki to Ashizuri Misaki 109 River Humber and the Rivers Ouse and Trent 109 Port of Albany 110 Westkapelle to Stellendam and Maasvlakte 111 Berwick-upon-Tweed to the Farne Islands 112 Terschellinger Gronden to Harlingen 112 Approaches to Fremantle 112 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Naruto Kaikyo 113 Port of Fremantle 114 Kwinana 115 Moray Firth 115 Approaches to Bunbury 117 Faeroe Islands 117 Gage Roads and Cockburn Sound 118 Ports in the Gulf of Genoa 118 Approaches to King George Sound 119 Approaches to Livorno 119 Approaches to Esperance 120 Westerschelde - Vlissingen to Baalhoek and Terneuzen-Gent Canal 120 Approaches to Thevenard 120 Northwest Coast, Noto Hanto and Approaches 121 Flamborough Head to Withernsea 122 Approaches to Europoort and Hoek van Holland 123 Approaches to Hugli River 123 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Osaka Ko, Osaka 124 Part A Noordzeekanaal including Ijmuiden, Zaandam and Amsterdam 125 Approaches to Scheveningen and Ijmuiden 125 Plans in South Australia Gulf of St Vincent 126 Approaches to Den Helder 127 Korea Strait 129 Whitby to Flamborough Head 130 Anguilla to Puerto Rico showing the Approaches to the Virgin Islands 130 Approaches to Port Adelaide 131 Ports on the West Coast of Italy 131 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Akashi Kaikyo and Approaches 132 Nieuwe Waterweg- Nieuwe Maas- Oude Maas and Europoort - Hoek van Holland to Rotterdam 132 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Kurushima Kaikyo 133 Nieuwe Maas, Oude Maas, Noord and Dordtsche Kil 134 River Tees to Scarborough 134 Port Lincoln and Approaches 135 Hugli River Kukrahatti Reach to Kolkata ( Calcutta ) Docks 135 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Kanmon Kaikyo 136 Hugli River - Sagar Roads to Kukrahati Reach 136 Approaches to Whyalla and Port Pirie 137 Port Adelaide 137 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Eastern Part of Bisan Seto 137 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Western Part of Bisan Seto 138 Port Adelaide Entrance Channel 139 Valkenisse to Antwerp 139 Plans in South Australia ( Sheet 2) 139 Northwest Coast, Tottori Ko to Fukui Ko 140 Crotone- Gallipoli and Bari with Approaches 140 Approaches to Portland 142 Strait of Gibraltar 143 Jazirat at Ta' ir to Bab el Mandeb 143 Port Phillip 144 Gibraltar 144 Approaches to Port Phillip 145 Northwest Coast, Niigata Ko to Oga Hanto 147 Plans on the South Coast of Cornwall 148 Dodman Point to Looe Bay 149 Northwest Coast, Tsuno Shima to Taisha Ko 150 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Osaka Wan 150 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Kii Suido 151 Port of Marseille 151 Western Port ( Entrance and North Arm) 151 Kyushu and Shikoku, Bungo Suido 152 River Tyne to River Tees 152 Plans in Western Port 153 Approaches to Marseille 153 Port of Geelong 153 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Bisan Seto and Bingo Nada 154 Approaches to Falmouth 154 Port Melbourne Williamstown and River Yarra 155 Golfe and Port de Fos 155 Approaches to Melbourne 156 Farne Islands to the River Tyne 157 Red Sea, Masamirit to Bab el Mandeb 157 Port of Geelong and Approaches 158 Red Sea, Berenice to Masamirit 158 Port Phillip, South West Channels 159 Red Sea, Suez ( As Suways) to Berenice 160 Saint Abb' s Head to the Farne Islands 163 Port of Burnie 164 North and North-East Approaches to Massawa 165 Menorca to Sicilia including Malta 167 Port Dalrymple 168 Anchorages on the Coast of Eritrea 168 River Tamar Long Reach to Launceston 170 Mercury Passage 171 Southern Approaches to Mits' iwa 171 Hobart to Norfolk Bay 172 Isole Eolie 172 Port of Hobart 173 D' Entrecasteaux Channel 174 Plans in Tasmania ( sheet 4) Port Arthur 175 Fife Ness to St Abb' s Head 175 Spring Bay including Triabunna 176 Cap Bon to Ra' s At Tin 177 Valletta Harbours 178 Ports in Algeria 179 Nippon, Honshu-Northwest Coast & Kyushu-North Coast 180 Aegean Sea 183 Ra' s at Tin to Iskenderun 184 Plans of the Phoenix Islands 186 Vlore to Bar and Brindisi to Vieste 187 Punta Stilo to Brindisi 187 Nippon, Northwestern Part of Kyushu 188 Entrance to the Adriatic Sea including Nisos Kerkira 189 Nisos Sapientza to Nisos Paxoi 190 Montrose to Fife Ness including the Isle of May 190 Nippon, Kyushu-North Coast, Fukuoka Wan 193 Islands in the Sicilian Channel 194 Approaches to Malta and Ghawdex ( Gozo) 194 Port Kembla including Wollongong Harbour 195 Approaches to Port Kembla 196 Bar to Split including Otok Palagruza 197 Approaches to Port Jackson Port Hacking to The Skillion 197 North West Approaches to Saint Lucia 198 Botany Bay and Port Hacking 198 Imari Wan to entrance of Nagasaki Ko 199 Botany Bay 200 Otok Lastovo to Split and Vieste to Porto Civitanova 200 Port Jackson 201 Rt Kamenjak to Novigrad 201 Port Jackson ( Eastern Sheet) 201 Nippon, Kyushu-North Coast & Honshu-Northwest Coast 202 Kvarner- Kvarneric and Velebitski Kanal 202 Port Jackson ( Central sheet) Sydney Harbour 203 Nisos Zakinthos to Nisos Paxoi 204 Sedmovrace to Trieste and Ravenna to Venezia 205 Approaches to Nisos Kerkyra and Nisoi Paxoi 207 Approaches to Newcastle 208 Newcastle Harbour 210 Newburgh to Montrose 211 Plans in the Maltese Islands 213 Fraserburgh to Newburgh 213 Nippon, Kyushu - West Coast, Hirado Shima to Koshikijima 216 Mergui Archipelago 218 Mergui Harbour 219 Western Approaches to the Orkney and Shetland Islands 220 Otok Vis to Otok Susak and S. Benedetto del Tronto to Ravenna 222 Buckie to Fraserburgh 223 Dunrobin Point to Buckie 224 Marmara Denizi 225 Joinville Island to Cape Ducorps and Church Point 226 Nippon, Nansei Shoto, Okinawa Gunto 227 Church Point to Cape Longing including James Ross Island 229 Point Pinos to Bodega Head 230 Canal de Margarita to Bahia de Pozuelos 231 Approaches to Porto de Paranagua 233 Suez Canal( Qanat el Suways) 235 Davis Strait & South East Part of Baffin Bay 235 Approaches to Moreton Bay 236 Nisos Rodhos to Taslik Burnu 236 Moreton Bay 237 Taslik Burnu to Anamur Burnu 237 Brisbane River The Bar to Lytton Reach 238 Ports in KenyaKilifi and Malindi 238 Brisbane River - Lytton Reach to Victoria Bridge 239 Approaches to Vishakhapatnam 240 Approaches to Port Said 241 Outer Approaches to Port Said 242 Antalya and Tasucu with Approaches 242 Port Bundaberg including Burnett River 243 Approaches to Bundaberg 244 Plans in Port of Gladstone 245 Scotland to Iceland 245 Port of Gladstone 246 Iskenderun Korfezi 246 Approaches to Port of Gladstone 247 Iskenderun Korfezi Northern Terminals 249 Approaches to Hay Point and Mackay 250 Plans of Hay Point and Mackay Harbour 251 Bailey Islet To Rpulse Islands 252 Cap Corbelin to Cap Takouch 252 Whitsunday Group 253 Golfe de Tadjoura and Anchorages 254 Montserrat and Barbuda 255 Approaches to Abbot Point 255 Eastern Approaches to Jamaica 256 Cleveland Bay and Approaches 256 Western Approaches to Jamaica 257 Townsville Harbour and Ross River Entrance 257 Harbours on the South Coast of Jamaica 258 Ports and Anchorages on the South Coast of Jamaica 259 Baltic Sea 259 Hinchinbrook Channel 260 Pedro Bank to the South Coast of Jamaica 262 Approaches to Djibouti 262 Approaches to Cairns 263 Cairns ( Northern Sheet) 266 North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 11 267 North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 10 268 North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 9 269 Ploce and Split with Adjacent Harbours- Channels and Anchorages 270 Plans in Queensland ( sheet 2) 272 North Sea Offshore ChartsSheet 8 273 North Sea Offshore ChartsSheet 7 274 North Sea Offshore ChartsSheet 6 275 North West Approaches to Skagerrak 278 North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 5 280 Plans in Queensland 281 First Three Mile Opening to Cape Direction 281 North Sea , Listafjorden to Skudenesfjorden 286 North Sea, Tananger to Slatteroy 287 Eastern Approaches to Balabac Strait 288 Slatteroy to Mongstad including Offshore Oil Fields 289 Gannet and Varzin Passages 291 North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 4 292 North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 3 292 Adolphus Channel to Prince of Wales Channel 293 Prince of Wales Channel 294 North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 2 294 Endeavour Strait 295 North Sea Offshore Charts Sheet 1 296 Goods Island to Proudfoot Shoal 299 Statfjord and Gullfaks Oil Fields to Mongstad 299 Approaches to Thursday Island 301 Haugesund Havn 301 Booby Island to Archer River 302 Approaches to El Iskandariya ( Alexandria) 303 Nassau River to Wellesley Islands 304 Lorient 305 Vanderlin Island to Cape Grey 306 Pointe Tchitembo to Cabeca da Cobra 306 Cape Grey to Elcho Island including Wessel Islands 308 Goulburn Islands to Melville Island 309 Lobito to Ponta Grossa 309 Darwin to Penguin Shoal Eastern Sheet 310 Ponta Grossa to Kunene River 310 Cape Van Dieman to Pulau Masela 311 Calder Shoal to Meatij Miarang 312 Dillon Shoal to East Timor 314 Sahul Banks 315 Darwin to Penguin Shoal Western Sheet 316 Charles Point to Pelican Island 318 Pelican Island to Penguin Shoal 319 Penguin Shoal to Browse Island 320 Browse Island to Adele Island including Bonaparte Archipelago 323 Dover Strait Eastern Part 323 Adele Island to Lacepede Islands including King Sound 324 Cape North to Cape Freels including Outer Approaches to Strait of Belle Isle 324 Lacepede Islands to Bedout Islet ( Eastern Sheet) 325 Lacepede Island to Bedout Islet ( Western Sheet) 326 Southern Approaches to Madinat Yanbu` As Sina ` Iyah 326 Bedout Islet to Port Walcott 327 Northern Approaches to Yanbu' 327 Port Walcott to Monte Bello Islands 328 Madinat Yanbu` as Sina` iyahMina' al Malik Fahd 328 Montebello Islands to North West Cape 329 North West Cape to Point Cloates 330 Point Cloates to Point Quobba 331 Point Quobba to Geraldton ( Northern Sheet) 332 Zuytdorp Point to Geraldton 332 Grassy Bay and Great Sound including Little Sound 333 Offshore Installations in the Gulf of Suez ( including Ras Shukheir) 333 Geraldton to Wedge Island 334 Bermuda 337 King George Sound to Investigator Island 339 Baie de Canala to Passe du Cap Bayes 341 Macao to Hong Kong 341 Head of Great Australian Bight to Streaky Bay 342 Shekou Gang to Mawan Gang 342 Streaky Bay to Whidbey Isles 343 Zhujiang Kou including Chiwan- Shekou and Approaches 343 Whidbey Isles to Cape Du Couedic 344 Shanban Zhou to Nizhou Tou 345 Gulf of St Vincent and Approaches 346 Nizhou Tou to Huangpu 346 Kangaroo Island ( South Coast) 347 Backstairs Passage to Cape Martin 348 Cape Martin to Cape Nelson 349 Cape Nelson to Cape Schanck 350 Approaches to Vado and Savona 351 Ports in the Gulf of Genoa 354 Port of Genova West Part 355 Port of Genova East Part 356 Approaches to Genova 357 Victoria, Bass Strait Oil Fields 360 Approaches to Bermuda 362 Pratas Island ( Tung-Sha Tao) 364 Clarence River to Cape Moreton 365 Cape Moreton to Sandy Cape 366 Arquipelago de Cabo Verde 366 Sandy Cape to Keppel Isles 367 Ports in Arquipelago de Cabo Verde 367 North Reef to Pine Peak Island 369 Plans in the Arquipelago de Cabo Verde 371 Northern Martinique 373 Ports in the Gulf of Campeche 374 Ports in the Gulf of Mexico 376 Torres Strait 376 Veracruz to Altamira 377 Bligh Entrance to Eastern Fields 377 Approaches to Labasa 378 Daru Roads to Kerema Bay 378 Savusavu Bay 379 Kerema Bay to Port Moresby 383 Bonvouloir Islands to Woodlark Island 384 Ravi Ravi Point to Mali Island 385 Yaqaga Island to Ravi Ravi Passage 386 Cape Cretin to Vitu Islands 386 Yadua Island to Yaqaga Island 387 Vitiaz Strait to Kakar Strait 387 Vatia Lailai to Viti Levu Bay 388 Islands off the East Coast of Brazil 388 Karkar Island to Kairiru Island 389 Kairiru Island to Vanimo Harbour 389 Lautoka to Vatia Lailai 390 Approaches to Freeport 396 Barranquilla to Miskito Bank 397 Porto de Belem and Approaches 397 Cape Kwoi to Buka Island including Green Islands 398 Freeport Roads 398 Tulun Islands to Tanga Islands 399 Bougainville Island 400 Ujung Karang to Sibolga 411 Mariel and Matanzas 412 Iles de Los Conakry and Approaches 414 Rowley Shoals to Lombok Strait 414 Puerto de la Habana 415 Cape Leveque to North West Cape 415 Davao Gulf 416 Montebello Islands to Geraldton 417 Geraldton to Cape Leeuwin 420 Gradyb 422 Cape Otway to Gabo Island including Tasmania 423 Eddystone Point to Port Jackson 424 Port Jackson to Fraser Island 426 Thyboron to Mors 426 Fraser Island to Cumberland Islands 427 Mors to Logstor 428 Limfjorden, Logstor to Aalborg 429 Hals to Aalborg 430 Limfjorden, Aalborg 431 Porto de Sepetiba and Approaches 432 Approaches to Terminal da Ilha Guaiba 433 Approaches to Angra dos Reis and Tebig Oil Terminal 436 Canal de Sao Sebastiao 438 Boulogne-sur-Mer 440 North Eastern Approaches to Fiji Islands 441 South Eastern Approaches to Fiji Islands 442 Lizard Point to Berry Head 443 Santiago Harbour 444 St Vincent and Spencer Gulfs 444 Bahia de Cienfuegos 446 Antarctica-Graham Land, Anvers Island to Renaud island 449 Elephant Island and Approaches 452 Al Mukha to Bab el Mandeb 453 Jabal Zuqar Island to Muhabbaka Islands 454 Kingston Harbour 455 Tarabulus ( Tripoli) Harbour 456 Approaches to Kingston Harbour 457 Portland Bight 458 Port Antonio 459 Harbours on the North Coast of Jamaica 460 AApproaches to Massawa ( Mits' iwa) 462 North Cape, New Ireland, to Wuvulu Island 462 The Cayman Islands 463 Approaches to Wellington 463 Plans on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic 464 Montego Bay and Ocho Rios Bay 465 Fort Liberte to Ile de la Tortue 466 Port-Au-Prince and Approaches 467 Bayajibe to Haina 469 Alicante 471 Cabo Caucedo to Isla Alto Velo 472 Mona Passage 473 Approaches to Alicante 474 Port of Spain and Approaches 475 Ports in the Gulf of Paria 477 Tobago and Approaches 478 Ports in Puerto Rico 480 Noumea 481 Serpent' s Mouth 483 Gulf of Paria 485 Saint Croix 486 Jamaica and the Pedro Bank 487 Saint Christopher ( Saint Kitts) - Sint Eustatius and Saba 487 Bass Strait 488 Makogai Channel to Nasilai Reef 489 Approaches to Nevis 491 Harbours and Anchorages in Guadeloupe 492 Mormugao and Panaji with Approaches 493 Approaches to Trinidad including the Gulf of Paria 494 Southern Martinique 497 Izmit Korfezi 499 Harbours in Saint Lucia 502 Harbours and Anchorages in Barbados 504 Approaches to Porto de Natal 508 Brumer Islands to Goschen Strait 509 Long Reef to Normanby Island 510 Long Reef to Sudest Island 512 Misima Island to Bonvouloir Islands 513 Isla de Roatan to Puerto Cortes 514 Port Blair 515 Zadar to Luka Mali Losinj 515 Woodlark Island to Trobriand Islands 516 Trobriand Islands to Lusancay Islands 517 Trinidad to Cayenne 518 Approaches to Valencia 518 Goschen Strait to Ward Hunt Strait 519 Georgetown 519 Ward Hunt Strait to Star Reefs Passage 520 Cayenne to Sao Luis 520 North East Coast, Cape Nelson to Dyke Ackland Bay 521 Approaches to Vitoria and Tubarao 521 North East Coast, Dyke Ackland Bay to Cape Ward Hunt 521 Cape Brett to Bream Tail 522 North East Coast, Cape Ward Hunt to Nassau Bay 522 Bream Tail to Kawau Island including Great Barrier Island 522 Belize City and Approaches 523 Nassau Bay to Finsch Harbour 525 Boca Grande Key to Dry Tortugas 526 Ports on the North Coast of Brazil 527 Approaches to Demerara and Essequibo Rivers 528 Sao Luis to Recife 529 Recife to Cabo de Sao Tome 530 Cabo de Sao Tome to Rio Grande 531 Plans on the Coast of Argentina 531 Great Barrier Island to Mercury Bay 532 Approaches to Auckland 533 Georgetown and Mouths of Demerara and Essequibo Rivers 535 Baia De Sao Marcos 536 Beachy Head to Dungeness 538 Approaches to Paradip 541 Mayor Island to Okurei Point 543 Approaches to Baia De Sao Marcos 544 Canal de Santa Catarina 545 Ports in Baia de Todos os Santos 548 Approaches to Madiq Kamaran and Al Luhayyah 549 Ports on the Southern Coast of Brazil 553 Approaches to Baia de Guanabara 554 Estrecho de Magallanes 555 Porto de Sao Francisco do Sul 556 Tramandai to Mar del Plata 557 Mar del Plata to Comodoro Rivadavia 558 Isla Leones to Estrecho de Magallanes including the Falkland Islands 560 Approaches to Estero Salado and Puerto Maritimo de Guayaquil 562 Valencia 563 Comores 566 Baia de Guanabara 574 Approaches to Madras 575 Anchorages on the East Coast of India 578 Cape Columbine to Cape Seal 580 Al Hoceima, Melilla and Port Nador with Approaches 583 Sombrero Island to Saint Christopher ( Saint Kitts) 584 Saint Barthelemy to Antigua 585 Nevis and Antigua to Northern Guadeloupe 586 Rio Guayas and Approaches 588 San Francisco Bay Golden Gate to Alameda 590 San Pablo Bay including Carquinez Strait and Suisun Bay 591 San Francisco Harbor and Approaches 592 San Francisco Bay Southern Part 593 Approaches to Guadeloupe 594 Southern Guadeloupe to Northern Martinique 595 Sassandra to Lagos 596 Southern Martinique to Saint Vincent 597 Saint Vincent to Grenada 601 Conakry to Cape Saint Ann 604 Cap Lopez to Luanda 605 Bluefields Bluff to Man of War Cays 606 Approaches to Cocos ( Keeling) Islands 607 Riviere Saloum 607 South Keeling 608 River Gambia Entrance 608 Christmas Island 609 River GambiaAlbreda to Kuntaur 609 Norfolk Island 610 Approaches to Lord Howe Island 611 Cabo Roxo to Port Kamsar 612 Port Kamsar to Conakry 614 Freetown Harbour 616 Approaches to Port Mombasa 617 Sherbro River 618 Southern Guadeloupe including Marie-Galante and Les Saintes 621 Approaches to Port Moresby 622 Port Moresby 623 Tagrin Point to Pepel 625 Entrance to Sierra Leone River 627 Luanda to Baia dos Tigres 632 Hollandsbird Island to Cape Columbine 633 Plans on the East Coast of Ireland 640 Plans in Eastern Seto Naikai and Kii Suido 642 Ports in Mozambique 643 Durban Harbour 644 Baia de Maputo 646 Porto de Maputo 646 Approaches to Madang 647 MozambiquePemba 648 Maputo to Porto de Bartolomeu Dias 649 Approaches to Porto de Nacala 650 Porto de Quelimane 654 Ports in Kagoshima Wan 657 Ponta da Cafumbila to Matadi 658 Entrance to River Congo 661 Approaches to Kilwa Kisiwani Harbour 661 Approaches to Otago Harbour 662 Isla de Guanaja to Isla Cozumel including the Gulf of Honduras 663 Approaches to Tanga 665 Approaches to Zanzibar 666 Port Mombasa including Port Kilindini and Port Reitz 668 Lamu- Manda and Pate Bays and Approaches 670 Ports in the Gulf of Kachchh 671 Outer Approaches to Muqdisho and Marka Anchorage 673 Ports and Anchorages in the Gulf of Kachchh 674 Approaches to Dar es Salaam 675 Harbours and Anchorages on the Coast of Sudan 676 Ports in the South West of Japan 677 Mananara to Ile aux Nattes 678 Ile aux Nattes to Tamatave 681 Lindi Bay 681 Approaches to Bluff and RivertoTIDAK ADAparima 682 Gulf of Kachchh 683 Bar- Dubrovnik and Approaches and Peljeski Kanal 683 Plans on East Coast Bougainville Island 684 Mtwara and Mikindani Harbours 685 Banana Islands to Turtle Islands 686 Yelibuya Sound to Banana Islands 687 Kiswere Harbour 688 Tamatave 690 Cabo Delgado to Mikindani Bay 692 Rade de Tulear and Baie de St Augustin 693 Dar es Salaam 694 Ports in Seto Naikai 697 Dominica 698 Harbours in Seto Naikai 700 Maiana to Marakei 701 Approaches to Baie de Bombetoke 702 Aruba and Curacao 704 Nosi Shaba ( Nosi Beroja) to Moramba Bay including Narendri Bay 705 Islands in Lakshadweep ( Laccadive Islands) 706 Iles Mitsio to Baie d' Ampasindava 707 Mumbai ( Bombay) to Muscat ( Masqat) 708 Cape Comorin to Mumbai ( Bombay) 709 Maldives to Sri Lanka 711 Mauritius 712 La Reunion to Mauritius and Ile Tromelin 713 Port Louis and Grande Riviere Noire Bay 715 Rodriguez Island 715 Cape Arnhem to Cape Wessel 716 Seychelles Group to Madagascar and Agalega Islands 717 Seychelles Group to Nazareth Bank and Agalega Islands 718 Islands North of Madagascar 721 Southern Approaches to the Seychelles Group 722 Port Victoria and Approaches 724 Anchorages in the Seychelles Group and Outlying Islands 725 Plans in the Chagos Archipelago 726 Egmont Islands to Three Brothers 727 Peros Banhos to Blenheim Reef including Nelson' s Island 728 Rosyth 731 Gilbert Group 732 Pussur River and Approaches 733 Firth of ForthBurntisland to Dalgety Bay 734 Firth of Forth Isle of May to Inchkeith 735 Approaches to Leith and Burntisland 736 Firth of Forth Granton and Burntisland to Rosyth 737 River Forth Rosyth to Kincardine 739 Bedout Islet to Port Hedland 740 The Seychelles Group 740 Port Hedland to Port Walcott 741 Plans in the Firth of Forth and River Forth 741 Approaches to Dampier Archipelago 742 Mahe - Praslin and Adjacent Islands 742 Rosemary Island to Barrow Island 743 Barrow Island to Onslow 743 Abemama 744 Suva Harbour to Koro Island 745 Kadavu to Suva Harbour 746 Navula Passage to Beqa 748 Yalewa Kalou Passage to Viti Levu Bay 749 Yadua Island to Sau Sau Passage 750 Charybdis Reef to Koro Island 751 Koro Island to Northern Lau Group 751 Houtman Abrolhos and Geelvink Channel 752 Natewa Bay to Nanuku Passage 754 Lancelin to Cape Peron 755 Abaiang 755 Cape Peron to Cape Naturaliste 756 Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin 757 Cape Leeuwin to point D' Entrecasteaux 758 Point D' Entrecasteaux to Point Hillier 759 Baie d' Antongil to Farafangana 759 Point Hillier to Bald Island 760 Baie d' Ampasilava to Mananjary 761 Marshall Islands 762 Investigator Island to Cape Le Grand 762 Caroline Islands ( Eastern Part) 763 Caroline Islands ( Western Part) 764 Mariana Islands ( Southern Part) 766 Ellice Islands 766 Mistaken Cape to Wardlaws Point 767 TabiteueaSouth Lagoon 767 Wardlaws Point to Eddystone Point 768 Plans in the Gilbert Islands 770 Kuala Pahang to Terengganu 772 Islands and Anchorages in the Caroline Islands 773 Strait of Gibraltar to Isla de Alboran 774 Motril to Cartagena including Isla de Alboran 775 Cape Arnauti to Cape Limniti and Cape Aspro 776 Cape Limniti to Stazousa Point 776 Williams Island to Winceby Island 777 Land' s End to Falmouth 777 Winceby Island to Point Riley 778 Point Riley to Port Augusta 778 Point Conception to Point Pinos 780 Port Adelaide to Backstairs Passage 781 Gulf of St Vincent ( Northern Portion) 786 Cape Nelson to Lady Bay 788 Cape Otway to Cape Schanck 790 Stokes Point to Rocky Cape 791 Saint Vincent to Bequia 792 Sungai Manjung ( Sungai Dinding) and Approaches 793 The Grenadines - Northern Part 794 The Grenadines - Central Part 795 South Cape to Storm Bay 795 The Grenadines - Southern Part 796 Cape Eloea and Stazousa Point to Cape Andreas 796 Tasmin Head to Cape Frederick Hendrick 797 Grenada 798 Eddystone Point to Stony Head 799 Stony Head to Rocky Cape 799 Harbours and Anchorages in the Windward Islands 801 Plans in the Gulf of Aqaba 801 Cape Schanck to Cape Liptrap 802 Cape Liptrap to Cliffy Island 804 Pointe-a-Pitre and Approaches 805 Ports in the Tyrrhenian Sea 805 Victoria, Point Hicks to Cape Howe 806 Cape Howe to Montague Island 807 Guernsey and Herm 807 Montague Island to Jervis Bay 808 East Guernsey- Herm and Sark 808 Jervis Bay to Port Jackson 809 Port Jackson To Port Stephens 810 Port Stephens To Crowdy Head 811 Crowdy Head to Nambucca Heads 812 Oran and Mers-el-Kebir 812 Nambucca Heads to Clarence River 813 Colombo to Sangama Kanda Point 813 Clarence River To Point Danger 814 The Sandheads - Paradip to Raimangal River 815 Approaches to Trincomalee 816 Trincomalee Harbour 817 Elephant Point to Mun Aung Island 818 Mun Aung Island to Bassein River 818 Sandy Cape to Bustard Head 819 Galle Harbour and Approaches 819 Bustard Head to North Reef 820 North Reef to Port Clinton 821 Hydrographers Passage 822 Approaches to Oran- Arzew and Mostaganem 822 Port Clinton to Percy Isle 823 Bassein River to Rangoon River 823 Percy Isles to Mackay 824 Heinze Islands to Mergui 824 Penrith Island toWhitsunday Island 825 Andaman Islands 825 Whitsunday Island to Bowen 826 Rangoon River to Heinze Islands 826 Bowen to Cape Bowling Green 827 Bay of BengalSouthern Part 827 Cape Bowling Green to Palm Isles 827 Approaches to Tongatapu including ' Eua 828 Cochin to Vishakhapatnam 828 Palm Isles to Brook Islands and Palm Passage 829 Bay of Bengal - Northern Part 829 Brook Islands to Russell Island 830 Andaman Sea 830 Russell Island to Low Islets 831 Low Islets to Cape Flattery 832 Cape Flattery to Barrow Point 833 Rangoon River and Approaches 833 Barrow Point to Claremont Isles 834 Bassein River and Approaches 834 Claremont Isles to Cape Weymouth 835 Cape Weymouth to Cairncross Islets 838 Port of Arzew 839 Cairncross Islets to Arden Islet 840 Little Andaman to Great Nicobar 840 Arden Islet to Bramble Cay 842 Chowra to Great Nicobar 848 Ports in Eastern Cyprus 849 Ports in Western Cyprus 850 Cape Aspro to Cape Pyla 851 Cape Kiti to Cape Eloea 852 Akrotiri Harbour and Approaches 853 Approaches to Brofjorden 854 Approaches to Shantou 855 Approaches to Alger and Skikda 856 Oued Sebou to Casablanca 857 Goteborg - A - Hake Fjord to Alvsborgsfjorden 858 Approaches to Goteborg 859 Raimangal River to Elephant Point 860 Approaches to Casablanca and Mohammedia 861 Mohammedia and Casablanca 862 Al Jadida- Jorf Lasfar- Safi and Approaches 863 Plans on the North West Coast of Morocco 865 Plans on the Tanganyika Coast 865 Plans in Samoa 866 Plans in Tanganyika and Kenya 867 North and South Channels to Great Sound 868 Eastern and Western Approaches to The Narrows including Murray' s Anchorage 869 Hunnebostrand to Uddevalla and Gullholmen 870 Gullholmen to Stenungsund and Marstrand 871 Rivers Tamar Lynher and Tavy 873 Marstrand 874 Varberg to Tylon 875 Tylon to Kullen 876 Qingdao Gang and Approaches 877 Helsingborg and Raa 878 Lianyun Gang and Approaches 879 Southern Approaches to Stromstad; Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg 882 Chukpyon Man to Suwon Dan 883 Saint Mary' s and the Principal Off-Islands 884 Ports on the North East Coast of Korea 885 Suwon Dan to Musu Dan including Hungnam 886 Estrecho de la Bocayna and Approaches to Arrecife 894 Alborg Bugt 895 Plans in Sumbawa and Flores 896 Ulsan Hang to Taebyon Hang 897 San Diego Bay 898 Ports on the East Coast of Korea 899 San Diego Bay to Point Arguello 900 Snaevringen and Kolding Fjord 901 Aabenraa Fjord 901 Approaches to Dili 902 Kobenhavns Havn 903 The Sound, Middle Part 905 Randers Fjord 906 Ports on the West Coast of Italy 907 Civitavecchia and Salerno with Approaches 908 Golfo di Napoli and Golfo di Salerno 909 Islands and Anchorages in the Caroline Islands 910 Plans in the Marianas or Ladrones Islands 911 Malmo and Limhamn 912 Cilacap and Approaches 913 Taehuksan Kundo to Kyongnyolbi Yolto 914 Capo Miseno to Torre del Greco Including the Approaches to Napoli 915 Napoli 916 Ports and Harbours in Golfo di Napoli 917 Italy-Stretto di Messina 918 Ports on the North Coast of Jawa 919 Flensburger Forde ( Flensborg Fjord) 920 Diego Garcia 920 Plans in Christmas Island 921 Pelabuhan Surabaya and Approaches 923 Kalundborg Fjord 926 Isefjord 927 Plans in the Sulu Archipelago 928 Sulu Archipelago 929 Horsens Fjord 930 Vejle Fjord 931 Odense Fjord 932 Pelabuhan Tanjungpriok and Inner Approaches 933 Approaches to Tanjungpriok 935 Nouvelle-Caledonie ( North-western part) 936 Nouvelle-Caledonie ( South-eastern part) 937 Eastern Approaches to Hong Kong 938 Storebaelt - Middle Part 940 Smalandsfarvandet South-East Part 941 Eastern Archipelago - Western Portion - Part 1 - Sheet 1 941 Eastern Archipelago - Western Portion - Part 1 - Sheet 2 942 Eastern Archipelago Sumba to Seram 942 Eastern Archipelago Seram to Kolepon 943 Molucca Sea to Manila Bay 944 Guldborg Sund 945 Selat Madura and Selat Sapudi including Madura 946 Ports in Eastern Jawa- Bali and Lombok 947 Approaches To Pelabuhan Labuan ( Victoria Harbour) 948 Balabac Strait 949 Arhus 950 Pelabuhan Sandakan 957 Plans in Mindanao 958 Bornholmsgat 959 Colson Point to Belize City including Lighthouse Reef and Turneffe Islands 960 Cabedelo and Maceio 962 Ports in the Philippine Islands 963 Ports on the North Coast of Sicilia 964 Sicilia West Coast including Isole Egadi 965 Ports on the South Coast of Sicilia 966 Ports on the East Coast of Sicilia 967 Palawan 968 Islands and Reefs between Fiji- Samoa and Tonga 969 Recife and Approaches 970 Islands and Anchorages in the Caroline Islands 972 Plans in the Philippine Islands 973 Approaches to Augusta and Siracusa 975 Approaches to Surabaya 977 Islands and Anchorages in the Caroline Islands 978 Islands and Anchorages in the Caroline Islands 979 Central Pacific Ocean - Islands between 160 degrees East & 150 degrees West Longitude 980 Subic Bay 981 Senyavin Islands 982 Truk Islands 984 Islands and Anchorages in the Marshall Islands 986 Ko Si Chang and Si Racha to Laem Chabang 988 Islands and Anchorages in the Marshall Islands 989 Plans in the Philippine Islands 991 Plans in the South Pacific Ocean 992 Ports in Stretto di Messina with Catania and Approaches 993 Mae Nam Chao Phraya 996 Shiono Misaki to Inubo Saki 998 Ile Makemo to Ile Tahiti 999 Approaches to Bangkok ( Krung Thep) 1000 Approaches to Dakar, Baie de Goree 1001 Dakar Port and Roadstead 1002 Diego Suarez Bay to Adranoaombi Bay 1003 Approaches to Porto da Beira 1004 Canakkale Bogazi ( The Dardanelles) to Marmara Adasi 1005 Marmara Adasi to Istanbul Bogazi ( The Bosporus) 1006 Ports in Marmara Denizi 1011 Addoo Atoll to North Huvadhoo Atoll 1012 North Huvadhoo Atoll to Mulaku Atoll 1013 Mulaku Atoll to South Maalhosmadulu Atoll 1014 South Maalhosmadulu Atoll to Ihavandhippolhu Atoll 1015 Southern Approaches to Istanbul Bogazi 1016 Song Sai Gon 1017 Golfo de California 1018 Approaches to Stretto di Messina 1019 Gioia Tauro 1020 Punta Morro de Puercos to Isla Del Cano and Isla Del Coco 1021 Isla Del Cano to Cabo Santa Elena 1022 Cabo Santa Elena to Champerico 1023 Champerico to Punta Galera 1024 Punta Galera to Punta Mangrove 1025 Lesser Antilles, Anguilla to Guadeloupe 1026 Punta Mangrove to Punta Farallon 1027 Approaches to Golfo De California 1028 Cabo Falso to Punta Abreojos 1029 Punta Abreojos to San Diego Bay 1030 South-West Entrance Channels to the Aegean Sea 1030 Nippon - Hokkaido - South Coast 1031 Akra Yerakas to Nisos Kea 1032 North Mafia Channel to Kilwa Point 1033 Approaches to Degrad des Cannes 1034 Approaches to Cayenne 1037 Nisis Falkonera to Nisos Ios 1038 Steno Sifnou to Steno Kafirea 1040 Nisos Ios to Vrakhonisidha Kandhelioussa 1041 Nisos Naxos to Vrakhoi Kaloyeroi 1042 Montserrat to Saint Lucia 1043 Saint Lucia to Grenada and Barbados 1046 Outer Approaches to Ports from Krung Thep to Map Ta Phut 1049 Nippon, Honshu - East Coast, Kashima Ko 1051 South Coast, Ise Wan 1052 Approaches to Kismaayo 1052 Mikawa Wan and Approaches 1053 Irago Suido and Approaches 1054 Marmaris to Kas 1055 Rhodes Channel and Gokova Korfezi 1055 Northern Part of Nagoya Ko 1055 Southern Part of Nagoya Ko 1056 Nisos Kalimnos to Nisos Ikaria including Gulluk Korfezi 1056 Mikawa Wan, Kinuura Ko 1057 Kusadasi Korfezi and Approaches 1057 Atsumi Wan, Northern Part of Mikawa Ko 1057 Atsumi Wan, Southern Part of Mikawa Ko 1058 Nisos Khios and Izmir Korfezi 1060 Huahine to Maupiti 1061 Candarli Korfezi to Edremit Korfezi with Nisos Lesvos 1061 Northern Part of Tokyo Wan 1062 Nisoi Vorioi Sporadhes 1062 Middle Part of Tokyo Wan 1063 San Pedro Channel 1064 Plans on the North East Coast of Madagascar 1064 South Coast, Irago Suido 1065 Approaches to Masan, Pusan and Ogpo Hang 1065 Keihin Ko Tokyo 1066 Java Sea 1067 Kisarazu Ko 1073 Dundonald Channel to Hamilton Harbour 1075 Approaches to Myeik ( Mergui) Harbour 1076 Linney Head to Oxwich Point 1077 Approaches to Cromarty Firth and Inverness Firth 1078 Inverness Firth 1079 Approaches to Inkoo and Kantvik 1080 Approaches to Helsinki 1081 Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors 1081 Uraga Suido 1082 San Pedro Bay 1083 Approaches to Vuosaari and Porvoo 1083 South Coast, Tokyo Wan, okosuka Ko, Yokosuka 1085 Steno Kafirea to Thessaloniki 1085 South Coast, Tokyo Wan, Keihin Ko, Negishi 1086 Edremit Korfezi to Strimonikos Kolpos 1086 South Coast, Tokyo Wan, Middle Part of Chiba Ko 1087 Steno Kafirea to Edremit Korfezi 1087 Southern Part of Chiba Ko 1088 Approaches to Loviisa and Valkom 1088 Chiba Ko Katsunan 1089 Approaches to Kotka and Hamina 1090 Ports in the Gulf of Finland 1091 Nisos Kriti 1092 Western Approaches to the Aegean Sea 1093 Steno Andikithiron to Steno Kafirea 1094 Rias de Ferrol, Areas, Betanzos and La Coruna 1095 Steno Kafirea to Rhodes Channel 1096 North Coast, Ribadeo 1097 Key Biscayne to Lower Matecumbe Key 1097 East Coast Inubo Saki to Shioya Saki 1098 Lower Matecumbe Key to Boca Grande Key 1098 Shioya Saki to Ishinomaki Wan 1099 Eastern Approaches to the Aegean Sea 1101 Mariana Islands 1101 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Suo Nada and Approaches 1102 Bayonne to Santander 1102 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Iyo Nada and Approaches 1103 Tahaa and Raiatea 1103 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Eastern Part of Osaka Wan 1104 Bay of Biscay 1105 Cabo Ajo to Cabo Penas 1106 Approaches to Cherbourg 1107 Plans in the Iles de la Societe 1107 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Amagasaki-Nishinomiya-Ashiya Ku 1108 Gijon to Punta Candelaria 1108 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Aki Nada and Hiroshima Wan 1109 Guam 1110 La Coruna and Approaches 1110 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Osaka Ko, Senboku 1111 Punta de la Estaca de Bares to Cabo Finisterre 1112 Cherbourg 1113 Harbours on the North-West Coast of Spain 1116 Baie de Diego-Suarez 1117 El Ferrol 1118 Ria de Ferrol 1119 Orkney and Shetland Islands Fair Isle Channel 1120 Plans in Kavirondo Gulf and Entrance 1121 Irish Sea with Saint George' s Channel and North Channel 1122 Ports on the North Coast of Spain 1123 Western Approaches to Saint George' s Channel and Bristol Channel 1124 Northern Approaches to Ningbo Gang - including Yangshan Deep Water Port 1125 Western Approaches to Ireland 1126 Luojia Shan to Xiangshan Gang 1127 Outer Approaches to the North Channel 1127 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Eastern Part of Mizushima Ko 1127 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Western Part of Mizushima Ko 1128 Banks West of the Hebrides 1129 Banks North-West of the Hebrides 1133 Ports on the Western part of the North Coast of Spain 1136 Jersey - North Coast 1137 Approaches to St Helier 1137 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Fukuyama Ko 1138 Jersey - East Coast 1139 San Juan Del Norte ( Greytown) to Bluefields Bluff 1140 Tanjong Sepat to Port Dickson 1141 Approaches to Pelabuhan Sungai Udang and Melaka 1141 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Hannan Ko 1142 Ria de Aviles 1143 Luchaogang to Zhapu 1144 Yangshan Deep Water Port 1145 Santander 1146 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Osaka Ko, Sakai 1147 Cabo Roxo to Monrovia 1148 Isles of Scilly to Land' s End 1149 Pendeen to Trevose Head 1150 Ports on the North Coast of Spain 1152 Bristol ChannelNash Point to Sand Point 1153 Approaches to Gijon 1154 Gijon 1156 Trevose Head to Hartland Point 1157 Pasaia ( Pasajes) and approaches 1158 Istanbul Bogazi Kuzeyi ( Northern Bosporus) 1159 Istanbul Bogazi Guneyi ( Southern Bosporus) 1160 Plans on the Coast of Somerset and Devon 1161 Swansea Bay 1162 Sfax and Sousse with Approaches 1164 Hartland Point to Ilfracombe including Lundy 1165 Bristol Channel Worms Head to Watchet 1166 River Severn Avonmouth to Sharpness 1167 Burry Inlet 1168 Harbours on the North Coast of Cornwall 1169 Approaches to Porthcawl 1169 Northwest Coast, Fukui Ko to Wajima Ko 1170 Baie de Fontarabie or Rada de Higeuer and Saint-Jean-de-Luz 1171 Ports on the eastern part of the North Coast of Spain 1172 Puertos de Bermeo and Mundaka 1172 Northwest Coast, Taisha Ko to Tottori Ko 1173 Bilbao 1174 Approaches, to Bilbao 1175 Port de Bayonne and approaches including L' Adour 1176 Severn EstuarySteep Holm to Avonmouth 1178 Approaches to the Bristol Channel 1179 Bristol Channel 1180 Barcelona 1180 Northwest Coast, Sado Kaikyo and Approaches 1182 Barry and Cardiff Roads with Approaches 1183 Thames Estuary 1184 Baie de Tunis 1185 River Thames, Sea Reach 1186 River Thames Canvey Island to Tilbury 1187 Outer Silver Pit 1188 River Humber Spurn Head to Immingham 1189 Approaches to Cartagena 1190 Flamborough Head to Blakeney Point 1191 River Tyne to Flamborough Head 1192 Saint Abb' s Head to the River Tyne 1193 Tarragona 1194 Cartagena 1195 Anchorages in the Southern Approaches to Instanbul Bogazi 1195 Nippon, Honshu - Northwest Coast 1196 Approaches to Barcelona 1197 Plans on the West Coast of Africa 1198 Istanbul Bogazi ( The Bosporus) 1199 Ningbo Gang to Changjiang Kou 1200 The Wash Ports 1202 Ports on the North and West Coasts of Sardegna 1204 Approaches to Porto Torres 1205 Oristano and Approaches 1206 Nippon, Nansei Shoto, Yaeyama Retto 1207 Canale di San Pietro and Golfo di Palmas 1208 Approaches to Cagliari 1210 Ports on the East Coast of Sardegna 1211 Capo Ferro to Capo Coda Cavallo 1212 Approaches to La Maddalena 1213 Bonifacio Strait 1214 Khalij al Kuwayt 1215 Plans on the Coast of Angola 1216 Baia dos Tigres 1217 Straits of Florida South Part 1218 Cuba to Miskito Bank 1219 Jingtang and Approaches 1220 Gulf of Honduras and Yucatan Channel 1220 Nippon, Shikoku-South Coast & Kyushu_ East Coast 1221 Nippon, Kyushu-South & East Coasts 1222 Nippon, Kyushu-West & South Coasts 1223 Ports in Kuwait 1224 Approaches to Ra' s Al Khafji 1225 Gulf of Campeche 1227 Portsmouth Harbor to Boston Harbor 1227 Nippon, Kyushu-North Coast, Hakata Ko 1228 Umm Qasr, Az Zubayr and Approaches 1228 Nippon, Kyushu-North Coast, Genkai Nada 1229 Khawr Abd Allah Hadd Warbah to Athan Shoal 1230 Ports in the Sea of Okhotsk 1231 Ports in the Bering Sea 1233 Northern Approaches to the Shetland Islands 1234 North West Approaches to the Orkney Islands 1235 Khawr ` Abd Allah and Approaches to Shatt al ` Arab or Arvand Rud 1236 Saldanha Bay 1237 Larne Lough and Approaches 1239 Orkney and Shetland Islands 1244 Levuka Harbour 1247 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Eastern Part of Oita Ko 1247 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Western Part of Oita Ko 1248 Jinzhou Gang and Approaches 1249 Dalian Wan to Qinhuangdao Gang 1250 Miadao Qundao to Tianjin Xingang 1251 China and Korea - Yellow Sea, Dadong Gangqu and App. 1253 Huang Hai, Lianyun Gang to Qingdao Gang.Rizhao Gang 1254 Qingdao to Chengshan Jiao 1255 Chengshan Jiao to Laotieshan Xijiao 1256 Bo Hai and Northern Part of the Yellow Sea 1257 Taech' ong Gundo to Namp' o 1258 Kyongnyolbi Yolto to Taech' ong Gundo 1259 Pusan and Masan 1260 Ports on the Coast of Shandong Bandao 1261 Approaches to Song Sai Gon 1262 Bayuquan 1262 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Eastern Part of Kanmon Ko 1263 Nippon, Seto Naikai, Middle Part of Kanmon Ko 1265 Khawr al Amaya and Khawr al Kafka 1265 Nippon, Seto Naikai and Kyushu-North Coast, Kanmon Ko, Wakamatsu 1266 South-Eastern Portion of the Bahama Islands 1266 Nippon, Kyushu-North and Honshu-Northwest Coasts, Kanmon Ko, Shira Shima and Approaches 1267 Falmouth to Plymouth 1267 Nippon, Kyushu-North Coast and Seto Naikai, Western Part of Kanmon Ko 1268 Approaches to Khowr-e Musa 1269 Khowr-e Musa 1270 Ando to Inch' on Hang 1271 Taesan P' yongt' aek and Soraep' ogu 1272 Giresun- Igneada- Inebolli and Sinop with Approaches 1273 Saint Lucia 1274 Samsun and Fatsa with Approaches 1275 Eregli to Amasra 1276 Bahia Santa Marta to Punta Canoas 1277 Punta Canoas to Isla Fuerte 1278 Isla Fuerte to Cabo Tiburon including Golfo de Uraba 1279 Ordu , Trabzon, Rize and Hopa with Approaches 1293 Approaches to Ujungpandang 1302 Cabo Guardian to Punta Nava 1308 Maui to Niihau 1309 Hawaii to Oahu 1310 South West Coast of Pemba Island 1312 Singapore Strait to Selat Karimata 1314 Ports and Anchorages on the Coast of Chile 1315 Five Fathom Hole- The Narrows and Saint George' s Harbour 1320 Fleetwood to Douglas 1321 Ports and Terminals in the Gulf of Guinea 1322 Ports and Anchorages in Central West Africa 1331 Approaches to Bahia Blanca 1332 Isla de los Estados and Estrecho de le Maire 1333 Langesund to Heroya 1334 Porsgrunn to Skien 1336 Pulau-Pulau Subi Besar to Bintulu 1338 Seria to Balabac Strait including Investigator Shoal 1342 Ports in North-West Honshu 1344 Kirkcudbright Bay 1346 Solway Firth and Approaches 1347 Toyama Wan 1348 Kepulauan Natuna ( Natuna Besar) 1349 Ports in the Baie de Seine 1350 Dunkerque and Approaches 1351 Approaches to Calais 1353 Tanjung Jamboaye to Permatang Sedepa ( One Fathom Bank) 1354 Ports of Fecamp and Le Treport 1355 Dieppe 1356 Bahia de Corisco to Estuaire Du Gabon 1358 Permatang Sedepa ( One Fathom Bank) to Singapore Strait 1362 Harper to Sassandra 1363 Cape Saint Ann to Monrovia 1364 Monrovia to Greenville 1365 Greenville to Harper 1366 Approaches to Pinang Harbour 1368 Honolulu Harbor 1371 Anambas Eilanden 1372 Shanwei and Approaches 1373 South-Eastern Part of Tierra del Fuego 1374 Ports on the East Coast of Penisular Malaysia 1375 A Approached to Archipielago de Colon ( Galapagos Islands) 1378 Southern Part of Oahu 1379 Approaches to Kuantan 1380 Ports and Anchorages in Ghana, Togo- and Benin 1381 Appoaches to Lagos 1382 Approaches to Tahiti and Moorea 1383 Lagune Aby to Tema 1384 Tema to Cotonou 1385 Cotonou to Pennington River 1386 Pennington River to Opobo River 1387 Calabar to Bata including Isla de Bioko 1388 Ports on the North Coast of Honshu 1389 Islands and Anchorages in the South-East Pacific Ocean 1390 Ports in Northern Honshu 1398 Southern Approaches to Port Blair including Duncan Passage 1400 Outer Approaches To Puerto Cristobal 1401 Southern Approaches to the Panama Canal 1402 Skagerrak 1403 Loch Ryan 1406 Dover and Calais to Orford Ness and Scheveningen 1407 Montrose to Berwick-upon-Tweed 1408 Harwich and Rotterdam to Cromer and Terschelling 1409 Buckie to Arbroath 1410 Saint George' s Channel 1411 Irish SeaWestern Part 1412 Ports in Aruba and Curacao 1413 Approaches to Holyhead 1414 Bonaire 1415 Dublin Bay 1416 Anchorages on the North West Coast of New Guinea 1417 Approaches to Taranto 1418 Approaches to Brindisi 1419 Coco Channel and Northern Approaches to Port Blair 1420 Selat Sele 1422 Esbjerg to Hanstholm including Offshore Oil and Gas Fields 1423 Terschelling to Esbjerg 1424 Ports on the South and West Coasts of Corse 1425 Ports on the North and East Coasts of Corse 1426 Luka Mali Losinj and Ports and Harbours on the Coast of Istra 1431 Drogheda and Dundalk 1432 Le Four to Ile Vierge 1436 Plans in Tahiti and Moorea 1438 Harbours on the East Coast of Scotland 1439 Sicilia to Nisos Kriti 1440 Adriatic Sea 1441 Turks Islands 1442 Venezia 1443 Barletta- Manfredonia and Ortona- with Approaches 1444 Ancona and Falconara Marittima with Approaches 1445 Port of Ravenna 1446 Aberdeen Harbour 1447 Dublin and Dun Laoghaire 1448 Gibraltar Bay 1449 Porto Marghera and Porto di Malamocco 1450 Turks Island Passage and Mouchoir Passage 1451 Canton IslandLagoon Entrance 1452 Nassau 1453 Spain - East Coast, Gandia 1454 Anchorages in Alaska 1455 Algeciras 1456 Port de Douala and Approaches 1460 Sagunto 1462 Harbours on the North and East Coasts of Scotland 1463 North Coast, Conwy Bay and Approaches 1464 Menai Strait 1467 Approaches to Ravenna 1468 Arklow to the Skerries Islands 1470 Veraval to Okha 1471 Golfo di Trieste and Approaches 1473 Trieste and Chioggia 1474 Savai Bet to Veraval 1478 Saint Govan' s Head to Saint David' s Head 1480 Tobago to Tortuga 1481 River Tay 1482 Plans on the South and West Coasts of Dyfed 1483 Approaches to Chioggia, Malamocco, Venezia and Marghera 1484 Plans in Cardigan Bay 1485 Yap Islands 1486 Gulf of Khambhat and Approaches 1487 Approaches to Mumbai ( Bombay) 1489 New Providence Island 1490 Harbours in the Hawaiian Islands 1491 Harwich and Felixstowe 1494 Efate and Plans 1495 Pointe des Chateaux to Pointe de la Riviere du Mat 1496 The Great Bahama Bank Sheet 1 from Great Isaac to 23 40 N Latitude 1497 La Reunion 1498 Puerto La Cruz and Approaches 1499 Cross Sound to Kodiak Island 1500 Kodiak Island to Seguam Island 1501 Seguam Island to Attu Island 1503 Outer Dowsing to Smiths Knoll including Indefatigable Banks 1504 Cromer to Orford Ness 1508 Vengurla to Murud-Janjira 1509 Coondapoor to Vengurla 1510 Hawaii to Nihoa 1512 Plans on the Lleyn Peninsula 1513 Kolpos Elevsinas 1514 Spain -East coast , Castellon 1515 Ports on the East Coast of Spain 1516 Boston Harbor 1517 Puerto Miranda to Cabimas 1519 Canal de la Barra de Maracaibo 1522 Izmir Limani with Urla Limani 1524 Ports in Lago de Maracaibo 1525 Lago de Maracaibo 1526 Samos Strait with Harbours in the Islands of Samos- Ikaria and Fournoi 1528 Boston Inner Harbor 1531 Harbours in the Northern Dodekanisos 1532 Harbours in the Southern Dodekanisos 1534 Great Yarmouth and approaches 1535 Lowestoft and approaches 1538 Plans in the Northern Kikladhes 1539 Plans in the Central Kikladhes 1540 River ShannonShannon Airport to Limerick 1541 Plans in the Southern Kikladhes and Nisos Astipalaia 1543 Winterton Ness to Orford Ness 1546 Zeegat van Texel and Den Helder Roads 1547 River ShannonKilcredaun Point to Ardmore Point 1548 River ShannonArdmore Point to Rinealon Point 1549 River ShannonRinealon Point to Shannon Airport including Foynes Harbour 1552 Ports in Morecambe Bay 1553 Bay of Kirkwall 1554 Notios Evvoikos Kolpos 1555 Dafangji Dao to Hong Kong 1556 Vorios Evvoikos Kolpos and Approaches to Volos 1557 Gaolan 1558 Ports on the West Coast of Korea 1560 Approaches to Rio Nunez 1561 Ports in Lebanon 1562 Port Kamsar and Approaches 1563 Approaches to Beyrouth ( Beirut) 1564 Sacrifice Rock to Coondapoor 1565 Alleppey to Sacrifice Rock 1566 Cape Comorin to Cochin 1567 Approaches to Annaba 1569 Bizerte and Approaches 1570 Efate to Espiritu Santo 1571 Plans in the Western Aegean Sea 1573 Gulf of Honduras 1574 Otok Glavat to Ploce and Makarska 1575 Ile Pentecote to Torres Islands 1576 Epi to Ile Mare 1577 Plans in Central Vanuatu 1579 Ports in Syria 1580 Otocic Veliki Skolj to Otocic Glavat 1581 Islands and Anchorages in Southern Vanuatu 1582 Approaches to Bar and Boka Kotorska 1583 Little Basses Reef to Pulmoddai Roads 1584 Trincomalee to Point Calimere 1585 Hefa ( Haifa) and Approaches 1586 Pamban to Cape Comorin 1587 Colombo to Cape Comorin 1589 Almeria 1590 Ports in Albania 1591 Ports on the Coast of Israel 1592 Ningbo gang 1594 River StourErwarton Ness to Manningtree 1595 Ilhas do Principe - de Sao Tome and Isla Pagalu 1596 Piraievs 1598 Poros Megaron Ayios Theodhoroi and Elevsis 1599 Ormos Falirou and Limenas Porou 1600 Korinthiakos Kolpos and Dhioriga Korinthou 1601 Shanghai 1602 Outer Approaches to Shanghai 1603 Inner Approaches to Shanghai 1606 Thames Estuary Fisherman' s Gat to Princes Channel 1607 Thames Estuary Southern Part 1608 Approaches to Canakkale Bogazi ( The Dardanelles) 1609 Thames Estuary - Knock John Channel to Sea Reach 1610 Approaches to the Thames Estuary 1612 Harbours and Anchorages on the East Coast of England and Scotland 1613 Eddystone Rocks to Berry Head 1614 Stanley Harbour and Approaches 1618 Candarli Korfezi and Approaches 1619 Wusong to Zhangjia Gang 1622 Plans in the Philippine Islands 1625 Nisos Khios to Ildir Korfezi 1626 Blyth 1627 Harbours on the East Coast of England 1628 Puerto Cabello and Approaches 1629 Ports and Anchorages on the Coast of Venezuela 1630 West Hinder & Outer Gabbard to Vlissingen & Scheveningen 1631 DW Routes to Ijmuiden and Texel 1632 North Sea DW Routes and Friesland Junction to Vlieland 1633 Friesland Junction and GW/ EMS to Vlieland and Borkum 1634 Start Point to Brixham 1635 Borkum to Neuwerk and Helgoland 1636 Plans in the Northern Aegean Sea 1638 Plans in Northern Vanuatu 1640 Plans in the Iles Marquises 1641 Chang Jiang, Zhangjia Gang to Dagang 1642 Dagang to Nanjing including Zhenjiang 1643 Taranto 1644 Ports and Anchorages on the South-West coast of Turkey 1648 Kishika Saki to Shiono Misaki 1649 Approaches to Sandakan including Labuk Bay 1650 Pulau Billean to Lihiman 1652 England - West Coast, Selsey Bill to Beachy Head 1654 Pulau Banggi to Pulau Jambongan 1655 Approaches to Colombo 1657 Saronikos Kolpos 1660 Suva Harbour 1661 Nouadhibou to Nouakchott 1662 Nouakchott to Saint-Louis 1663 Saint - Louis to Riviere Saloum 1664 Riviere Saloum to Ilheu do Caio 1670 Plans in Viti Levu 1673 Western Approaches to Suva Harbour 1674 Eastern Approaches to Suva Harbour 1675 Plans in the Eastern Aegean Sea 1676 Prokolpos Patron to entrance of Korinthiakos Kolpos 1678 Bakapit and Approaches 1680 Malaysia, Sabah-East Coast , Teluk Darvel 1681 Northern Shore of Sibuko Bay 1682 Beqa Passage and Lagoon 1683 Plans on the South and East Coasts of Peloponnisos 1685 Camara de Lobos to Ponta de Sao Lourenco 1686 Kunak and Approaches 1687 Ports and Anchorages in Northern Greece 1688 Approaches to Nouakchott 1689 Ports in the Arquipelago da Madeira 1690 Plans on the North-West Coast of Africa 1691 Ascension Island 1692 Cabo Virgenes to Primera Angostura 1693 Primera Angostura to Segunda Angostura 1694 Segunda Angostura to Punta Arenas 1697 Flores to Timor 1698 Dover 1699 Nouadhibou 1700 Cartagena to Cabo de San Antonio including Isla Formentera 1701 Cabo de San Antonio to Villanueva y Geltru including Islas de Ibiza and Formentera 1702 Ibiza- Formentera and Southern Mallorca 1703 Mallorca and Menorca 1704 Punta de la Bana to Islas Medas 1705 Cabo San Sebastian to Iles d' Hyeres 1706 Ormos Soudas and Approaches 1707 Harbours and Anchorages in Nisos Kriti 1708 Bougainville Strait 1709 Manning Strait 1710 Cherchell, Dellys and Bejaia 1712 Plans on the Coasts of Algeria and Tunisia 1713 Sealark Channel and Approaches to Honiara 1714 Russell Islands 1717 Ports in Juan de Fuca Strait 1721 Beijishan Liedao to Taizhou Liedao 1722 Eastern Approaches to Xinghua Wan 1723 Xinghua Wan and Approaches 1724 Canal do Geba and Bissau 1726 Approaches to Canal do Geba and Rio Cacheu 1727 Bolama and Approaches 1729 Islands in American Samoa 1730 Ria de Viga 1731 Vigo 1732 Ria de Pontevedra 1733 Puerto de Marin 1734 Approaches to Ria de Arousa 1735 Plans in the New Georgia Group 1740 Bond Point to Brunow Bay 1741 Plans in Greenwich Island. A Discovery Bay 1747 Anchorages in the Solomon Islands 1748 Bintulu and Pelabuhan Bintulu 1749 Montevideo to Buenos Aires 1750 Anchorages in Guadalcanal Island 1751 Puerto de Buenos Aires 1752 Approaches to Belfast 1753 Belfast Lough and Approaches 1754 Mazu Liedao to Dongtou Liedao 1755 Plans in Ria de Arousa 1756 Ria de Muros 1757 The Little Minch Northern Part 1759 Wenzhou Wan to Ningbo Gang 1760 Taiwan StraitSouthern Part 1761 Taiwan StraitNorthern Part 1762 Vilagarcia de Arosa 1763 Wenzhou Gang 1764 Ria de Arosa 1765 Old Head of Kinsale to Power Head 1766 Harbours in the Solomon Islands 1767 Outer Approaches to Xiamen 1769 Islands and Anchorages in the South Atlantic Ocean 1770 Islay to Stanton Banks 1771 Saint Helena with Approaches to Ascension Island 1772 Rosslare Europort and Wexford Harbours with Approaches 1773 Port of Cork Upper Harbour 1774 Plans in the South Shetland Islands 1775 South Orkney Islands 1776 Livingston Island to King George Island 1777 Port of Cork Lower Harbour and Approaches 1778 Stanton Banks to Passage of Tiree 1779 Approaches to Signy Island 1780 Barcelona to Napoli including Islas Baleares Corse and Sardegna 1785 North Minch Northern Part 1786 Quanzhou Wan 1787 Carnsore Point to Wicklow Head 1788 Ports in East Sumatera and Adjacent Islands 1789 Pulau-Pulau Lingga 1790 Oban and Approaches 1791 Caledonian Canal 1794 North Minch Southern Part 1795 The Little Minch Southern Part 1796 Barra Head to Point of Ardnamurchan 1797 Monkey River to Colson Point 1798 Ports on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica 1800 South-West Hokkaido 1801 Hokkaido - North West Coast and Gulf of Tartary 1802 Hokkaido North-East Coast 1803 Hokkaido South East Coast 1806 Baia dos Tigres to Conception Bay 1807 Ports on the West Coast of Hokkaido 1808 Approaches to Otaru Ko and Rumoi Ko 1810 Porto de Bartolomeu Dias to Porto de Antonio Enes with West Coast of Madagascar 1812 West Coast of Pemba Island including Ports Kiuyu- George and Cockburn and Chake Chake Bay 1813 Ports on the South and East Coasts of Hokkaido 1815 Approaches to Kushiro 1817 Approaches to Muroran Ko and Tomakomai Ko 1819 Approaches to the River Shannon 1820 Aran Islands to Roonah Head 1822 Sungai Sarawak Tanjung Po to Pending 1823 Tanjung Bako to Kuching 1826 Irish SeaEastern Part 1827 Harbours on the South-East Coast of England 1828 Dover to North Foreland 1831 Arquipelago da Madeira 1834 River Medway Garrison Point to Folly Point 1835 River Medway Folly Point to Maidstone 1838 Bantry BayShot Head to Bantry 1840 Bantry BayBlack Ball Head to Shot Head 1844 Brunei Bay and Approaches 1845 Moulmein River And Approaches 1846 Table Bay 1847 Santa Cruz de Tenerife 1850 Approaches to Malaga 1851 Malaga 1852 Tanjung Mangkapadie to Tawau including Lingkas- Bunyu and Approaches 1853 Approaches to Bahia del Callao 1854 Montril and Adra 1856 Approaches to Puerto de La Luz ( Las Palmas) 1858 Apps. to S. Cruz de Tenerife- Puerto de San Sebastian de laGomera- San Cruz de la Palma and Apps. 1859 Port of Bristol 1864 Harbours and Anchorages in Arran and Kintyre 1866 Ports in the Firth of Clyde 1867 Firth of Clyde, Hunterston Channel and Rothesay Sound 1868 Sandakan Harbour to Sanga Sanga Island 1869 Gran Canaria to Hierro 1870 Lanzarote to Gran Canaria 1872 Dunkerque to Vlissingen 1873 Dunkerque to Oostende 1874 Westerschelde, Oostende to Westkapelle 1875 Die Jade to Norderpiep including German Bight Light Vessel 1879 Rathlin O' Birne Island to Aran Island 1881 Cargados CarajosShoals 1882 Bridlington and Filey 1883 Crohy Head to Bloody Foreland including Aran Island 1885 Sittwe 1889 Cromarty Firth Cromarty Bank to Invergordon 1890 Cromarty Firth Invergordon to Dingwall 1892 Dover StraitWestern Part 1895 Ilha de Sao Miguel 1900 Whitsand Bay to Yealm Head including Plymouth Sound 1901 Smeaton Pass and The Narrows 1902 Hamoaze 1904 Galway Harbour and Approaches 1906 Kyles of Bute 1907 Firth of Clyde Little Cumbrae Island to Cloch Point 1908 Isola d' Ischia to Capo di Bonifati 1909 Ile Plane to Cherchell 1910 Cherchell to Bejaia 1911 Isola del Giglio to Isola d' Ischia 1912 Ports on the North and West Coasts of Morocco 1922 Simon' s Bay 1925 Jabal Zuqar Island to Bab el Mandeb 1926 Aseb Bay 1928 Cabo Mala to Punta Burica 1929 Gulf of Panama 1931 Golfo de Nicoya 1932 Golfo Dulce 1934 River Tyne 1935 Approaches to Blyth the River Tyne and Sunderland 1938 Ensenada and Approaches Bahia de Todos Santos 1940 Salina Cruz and Approaches 1941 Capo Passero to Capo Colonne 1942 Fair Isle to Wick 1943 Kuala Paloh to Batang Rajang 1944 Ports on the West Coast of Mexico 1945 Batang Rajang Sarikei to Sibu 1946 Quetzal and Acajutla 1947 Admiralty Inlet and Puget Sound 1948 Kuala Rajang 1949 Approaches to Miri and Batang Baram 1950 Arquipelago dos Acores 1951 Approaches to Liverpool 1953 Approaches to the River Dee 1954 Cape Wrath to Pentland Firth including the Orkney Islands 1955 Ports in the Yemen 1956 Arquipelago dos Acores Central Group 1957 Harbours in the Arquipelago Dos Acores ( Central Group) 1959 Flores-Corvo and Santa Maria with Banco Das Formigas 1961 Ports and Anchorages in Golfo de Fonseca 1962 Hong Kong to Shantou 1964 Kalimantan South Coast Tanjung Siamok to Gosong Aling 1965 Cua Lac Giang to Iles Kao Tao including the Delta of the Song Ca 1966 Tortuga to Cabo La Vela 1967 Plymouth Sound 1968 Taiwan Strait 1969 Corinto and Puerto Sandino 1970 Caernarfon Bay 1971 Cardigan BayNorthern Part 1972 Cardigan BayCentral Part 1973 Cardigan BaySouthern Part 1974 Toulon to San Remo including Northern Corse 1975 Thames Estuary Northern Part 1976 Capo di Bonifati to Capo San Vito 1977 Holyhead to Great Ormes Head 1978 Great Ormes Head to Liverpool 1979 Approaches to Manzanillo 1980 Greenville and Harper with approaches 1981 Liverpool to Fleetwood including Approaches to Preston 1982 Rio Parana - From the Mouths to Rosario 1982 Rio Parana Rosario to Parana 1983 Capo Carbonara to Capo San Vito 1984 Galway Bay 1985 Ajaccio to Oristano including Bonifacio Strait 1990 Oristano to Arbatax including Golfo di Cagliari 1991 Harbours on the South Coast of England 1992 Porto Vecchio to Arbatax including Bonifacio Strait 1994 Approaches to the River Clyde 1996 Ports in Rijecki Zaljev 1998 Nice to Livorno including Gulf of Genoa 1999 Livorno to Civitavecchia 2000 Gareloch 2001 Montevideo and Approaches 2002 Porto do Rio Grande 2003 Virgin Passage and Sonda de Vieques 2004 Plans on the Coast of Uruguay 2005 Road Harbour to Capella Islands 2006 Anegada to Saint Thomas 2007 River Clyde 2009 Sheet 2From 23 deg 40 min North Latitude to Old Bahama Channel 2010 Morecambe Bay and Approaches 2011 Holyhead Harbour 2013 Saint Bees Head to Silloth 2017 Dungarvan Harbour 2019 North Sound to Road Harbour 2020 Harbours and Anchorages in the British Virgin Islands 2021 Harbours and Anchorages in the West Solent Area 2022 Harbours and Anchorages in the East Solent Area 2024 Okinawa Shima to Amami-O Shima 2025 Portsall to Anse de Kernic 2026 Anse de Kernic to Ile Grande 2027 Ile Grande to Ile de Brehat 2028 Ile de Brehat to Plateau Des Roches-Douvres 2029 Ile de Brehat to Cap Frehel 2035 Western Approaches to The Solent 2036 The Solent and Southampton Water 2037 Eastern Approaches to the Solent 2038 Southampton Water and Approaches 2039 Rivers Uruguay- Parana and Paraguay 2041 Port of Southampton 2044 Shoreham Harbour and Approaches 2045 Outer Approaches to The Solent 2046 Waterford Harbour 2047 Approaches to Anguilla 2049 Old Head of Kinsale to Tuskar Rock 2052 Orford Ness to The Naze 2053 Kinsale Harbour and Oyster Haven 2056 Selat Sunda and Approaches including Selat Panaitan 2057 Westport Bay and Approaches 2058 Puri to the Sandheads 2060 Kalingapatnam to Puri 2061 Kakinada to Kalingapatnam 2062 False Divi Point to Kakinada 2063 Madras to False Divi Point 2064 Antigua 2065 Northern Antigua 2067 Addoo Atoll 2068 Anchorages in the Maldives 2069 Point Calimere to Madras 2070 Approaches to Thessaloniki 2071 Youghal 2074 Cyprus 2076 Scotland-North Coast, Loch Eriboll 2078 Port Nolloth to Island Point 2079 Ports and Anchorages in Anguilla-Sint Maarten ( Saint Martin) and Saint Barthelemy 2081 Courtmacsherry Bay 2086 East London to Port S Johns 2087 Port St John' s to Durban 2088 Durban to Cape Vidal 2092 Toe Head to Old Head of Kinsale 2093 Southern Approach to North Channel 2094 Kirkcudbright to Mull of Galloway and Isle of Man Harga diatas belum termasuk ongkos kirim